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We meet at 8pm on the second Wednesday of each month except August and January, and we have guest speakers and discussions on current issues, education and politics, all in an informal atmosphere that encourages involvement and discussion. Meetings are held at the Friends Meeting House, 10, Cedar Road, Sutton, SM2 5DA

South London Humanists (SLH) support a positive caring alternative to religious belief.
Humanism is an ethical alternative to religion, based on reason, equal rights, free speech, and one law for all.
Recent meetings reflect current times with religion back into politics and our lives, in a big way. Just when less and less people are interested in religion, we are confronted more and more by religious privileges in education, the workplace and political life.
SLH seek to lead honest and law-abiding lives, according to the values of human rights and responsibilities.
These values include:

* Equal rights for everyone.
* Freedom of speech.
* No discrimination regarding gender or sexual bias.
* A democratic society with one set of laws for everyone.

SLH support a Secular Agenda where everyone has the right to follow a religious belief or faith. But religion and the state should be separate – religion should not be a part of political process or dominate education.

Faith Schools can only lead to greater divisions and sectarianism within our society. They are discriminatory, selective and divisive. Children have the right to the most balanced and wide ranging education possible, to prepare them for our complex modern world. Even a survey by The Church Times found that 75% of respondents answered yes to the question “should faith schools be phased out?”

SLH is open to all people who have serious concerns about personal and social morality, but do not wish to express them through religious affiliation.

SLH provides opportunities to meet like-minded people and where appropriate to cooperate in practical action.

Sutton Humanist Group was founded late in 1955 by George and Marjorie Mepham. It held its inaugural public meeting in January 1956. Since then it has maintained a regular programme of meetings and discussions.
George Mepham exemplified the humanist way of life working tirelessly for his humanitarian ideals and participated keenly in many of the voluntary organisations in the borough. He was well known in and around Sutton for conducting non-religious funerals. His sudden death in 1995 at the age of 78 sadly prevented him from witnessing the 40th anniversary of the humanist group to which he had dedicated most of his free time. His work continues within the present group although the emphasis has changed because of the rise of religiosity.


Meetings -

Monthly open meetings held at the Friends' Meeting House, Cedar Road, Sutton

Monday 27th August
Bank holiday

We will again have a stand at the Environmental Fair, look forward to meeting everybody during the day


12th Septembe

Our Speaker will be Joy Percy giving the third of her series on genetics, this session will bring us up to date with the latest developments in this field

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Book List available
to members
* The God Delusion
* God is Not Great
* The End of Faith
* Against All Gods
* Sense & Goodness
* Dark Side of Christian History
* Gods Terrorists
* A History of Atheism in Britain
* Humanism

* The Great City Academy Fraud