• Humanism is a positive caring alternative to religious belief. It is an ethical alternative to religion, based on reason, equal rights, free speech and one law for all. Humanism is an approach to life which recognises that we can live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs. Humanists make sense of the world using reason, science, experience, and shared values. Humanists seek to make the best of the one life we have by creating meaning and purpose for themselves and others. They take responsibility for their actions, and work with others for the common good.
  • Humanism is a naturalistic view, encompassing atheism and agnosticism
    as responses to theistic claims, but is an active and ethical philosophy far greater then these reactions to religion.
  • Humanists believe in individual rights and freedoms, but believe that individual responsibility, social cooperation and mutual respect are just as important. Humanists believe that people can and will continue to find solutions to the world’s problems, so that quality of life can be improved for everyone. Humanists are positive, gaining inspiration from our lives, art and culture, and a rich natural world. The golden rule is ‘treat other people in the same way you would like to be treated yourself’. This statement is based on our common humanity, and our aspiration to live harmoniously with others as its foundation.
  • Humanists respect and support everyone’s right to a religious belief or faith, but religion and the state should be separate. Religion should not be part of the political process or be a form of indoctrination in schools.
    Children have the right to the most balanced and wide ranging education possible, to prepare them for our complex modern world. For that reason humanists are opposed to Faith Schools which can only lead to greater divisions and sectarianism within our society.

  • Humanists seek to lead honest and law-abiding lives, according to the values of human rights and responsibilities.
    Those values include:-

Equal rights for everyone.
Freedom of speech.
No discrimination regarding gender or sexual bias.
A democratic society with one set of laws for everyone.

Meetings -

Monthly open meetings held at the Friends' Meeting House, Cedar Road, Sutton

Monday 27th August
Bank holiday

We will again have a stand at the Environmental Fair, look forward to meeting everybody during the day


12th Septembe

Our Speaker will be Joy Percy giving the third of her series on genetics, this session will bring us up to date with the latest developments in this field

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