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Welcome a new baby or child into your family and friendship circle with a humanist naming or welcoming ceremony. With a celebrant trained and accredited by the BHA, you can choose the promises you want to make, or the hopes you want to express for your child – as a parent, grandparent or even a ‘guide-parent’.

Naming ceremonies can take place anywhere; they are most often held in the home of a family member or close friend. They are wonderful occasions involving and touching everyone connected with your child.

weddings or partnerships

Like many couples wanting to make a lifelong commitment to each other, you may want to do so in your own way. You might want the special part of the ceremony to be shared by more friends and family than a Register Office can accommodate. You may prefer to hold your ceremony in a place which is special to you. You might want people close to you to have particular roles. You’ll probably want to choose readings and music which mean something to you. Having a humanist wedding can make celebrating your commitment very special. In England and Wales, couples who choose to have a humanist wedding or partnership ceremony also need to complete the legal formalities and obtain a civil marriage certificate at a Register Office.


A humanistic funeral is simply more appropriate for those who did not accept religious views of life or death. A humanist funeral or memorial ceremony recognises no god or ‘after-life’, but instead uniquely and affectionately celebrates the life of the person who has died. Proper tribute is paid to them, to the life they lived, to the connections they made and to the legacies they have left behind.

for namings,weddings & partnerships and funerals


Celebrants can be found via Humanists UK.